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Archive for November, 2010

Thanks Texas Tournament Zone!!


Russell Parrish and Mickey Hamm top 118 teams with 15.12 pounds and win $2,500 on a very tough Lake Belton. Tony Ferdinando and Rick McCormack finish a very close second with 15.11 pounds; the team also won Big Bass with a 9.11 pound fish! Complete Results


Allen Gass and Randy Grounds best 108 teams to win $10,000 at the Gone Fishing for Kids charity tournament on Lake LBJ. In only its second year, the philantropic event presented checks totaling $12,000 to Camp Phoenix, Boys and Girls Club of the Highland Lakes and the Legacy Fund. Read More


The wait is nearly over and pre-orders are now being taken for an Ocotber 1 delivery of Power Tackle’s new Lateral Perch! Read More

Central Texas Bass Fishing!!

Watching Richard McCarty fish for big bass is like being a kindergartner tying your shoes for the second time. You know there’s a right way to do it, and you know you’ve done it, but watching someone else do it with such expertise and ease is humbling.

McCarty fishes for big bass with the intensity of a Texas Hold’em poker champ going all-in with everything he’s got on the River card. But there the resemblance ends. The gambler relies on luck. McCarty draws his hole card from a wealth of experience.

McCarty has boated three ShareLunkers, 13-pound or bigger bass, a record he shares with only two other anglers. “You have no idea how badly I want that fourth ShareLunker,” he says.

My guess is he’ll get it. McCarty guides on Lake Fork, which is the epicenter of big bass fishing in Texas- nearly 250 ShareLunkers weighing 13 pounds or more, and the 18.18-pound state record – have come from Lake Fork.

The old saying is, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” McCarty has plenty of both.

–Larry D. Hodge, Information Specialist
Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center – Athens, Texas


Question #1: How long have you been fishing for trophy bass? How did you get started?

Richard: I started in 1981 on a lake in central Texas and once the big bass bug hit me, I moved to Lake Fork and started to guide. I figured I needed to be where lots of big bass lived to consistently catch big bass.

Question #2: Please tell us a brief “fishing bio” about yourself (200 words or less) such as: how many days do you fish, if you are pro tournament angler, if you are in the fishing tackle business, if you are sponsored by companies in the fishing tackle business, if you are a fishing guide, if you have written or been written about in trophy bass articles/books, on fishing TV shows or videos – none of those things are necessary, but just establishes who you are with the unfamiliar reader. Basically, please share 200 words or less “fishing bio” about yourself.

Richard:  have been fishing for a living since 1983 as a guide on Lake Fork. I fished the B.A.S.S. circuit for four years, qualifying for the Bassmaster Classic two of those years. In the early years, I fished about 300 days a year and about 225 of those days were with clients.

Question #3: How many trophy bass have you caught (definition/size of a “trophy” is whatever you prefer)? What is the size of your biggest trophy bass?

Richard: I have caught between 75 and 80 fish over ten pounds from five different lakes with the majority of those fish being caught out of Lake Fork. Two of those fish were over fourteen pounds and two were over thirteen pounds. The largest to date weighed 14.20 pounds from Lake Fork.

Richard 3rd Sharelunker

Above: On 3/17/2000, Richard caught his third ShareLunker (14.20 lbs) on a plastic lizard in five feet of water at Lake Fork. The ShareLunker program is so anglers who land lunkers weighing 13 pounds or more may donate them to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to use as brood stock so their offspring may be stocked in Texas waters.

Question #4: What rod and reel combos do you use most often for trophy bass hunting? What line and pound test do you use most often (mono, fluoro, braid) for trophy bass hunting? We are not asking so much about brands and models, but about general features of the rods, reels, lines you most often use for trophy bass hunting. Also, we are not asking about every rod, reel, line you use – that can be many different outfits. We wish to give the reader (who may be unfamiliar with trophy bass hunting in Texas) a general feel for what you most often would prefer to use in terms of rod, reel, line – understanding it is not the only outfit you use – but the one you would prefer to use, or tend to use most often.

Richard: I use a 6’10” heavy action graphite rod for jigs and large plastic baits in heavy cover, Shimano reels spooled with 25 and 30 pound Berkley Big Game. For moving baits such as crankbaits and spinnerbaits, I use a 7’ fiberglass rod spooled with 20 and 25 pound Big Game on Shimano reels.

Question #5: What are your top three techniques for catching giant bass?

Richard: My first is pitching baits such as jigs and lizards. My second would be fishing spinnerbaits in heavy cover and my third would be fishing large crankbaits in deeper cover.

Question #6: What are your top three lures for attracting trophies?

Richard: The first is lizards and jigs, the second is spinnerbaits and third, large crankbaits (such as Norman DD22s).

Question #7. What is the best time of the year for trophies in Texas?

Richard: February and March are the prime months. Other months can be good for big bass, but the fish are not as heavy as they are in February and March.

Army Bass Anglers!!

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And this is what it is all ABOUT!!

New 2010/ 2011 LCRA Calendar!

Welcometo The Natural Resource, your guide to outdoor adventure along the lower Colorado River. Blending education and recreation, LCRA’s natural science centers offer programs and exhibits for every interest and every age. Through The Natural Resource, you’ll get access to the latest events calendar along with exclusive discounts and offers on your favorite programs.

Where Texas Comes Together
Situated just east of Austin, among the Lost Pines of Bastrop County and the Texas Colorado River, McKinney Roughs Nature Park is a place where the natural resources of several ecosystems converge. Bring the family and find out what makes this region so unique and special through our many community programs offered as a public service. From guided hikes and nature workshops to zip lines and kayak trips, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget to check out the Roughs after dark. You can float the river by moonlight, explore the nocturnal world of native wildlife, learn about the constellations and much more! These nighttime programs are guaranteed to engage the senses and ignite the imagination. See our latest community programs to discover what adventures await you and your family at McKinney Roughs Nature Park.  
Sun, Sand and Discovery
At the junction of the Colorado River and the Gulf of Mexico, Matagorda Bay Nature Park is a truly remarkable and unique place. Boasting one of the most diverse populations of bird species in the nation and 1,600 acres of coastal marshes and preserve land, Matagorda Bay is the perfect destination for birders and nature lovers alike. Catch a glimpse of native wildlife in their natural habitat as you kayak the wetlands, go on a scavenger hunt through the dunes or comb the beach for hidden treasures. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, our community programs will help you and your family discover all that this extraordinary

Let’s go fishing!!

That is what is so nice about living where we do in central Texas- we have a great many lakes to fish in (the Highland Lakes and all the lakes with in a 50 mile range are enormous!).  Of course we also have the Bays and the The Gulf of Mexico for some of the finest salt water fishing around!

Catfish, Crappie, White bass, Large mouth bass and so on and on! In the Gulf we have so many varieties of  fish they are to numerous to mention!

And at the boat show we will have guides from all over to  take you fishing or to tell you how to do it! We have some of the best nonprofessional fisherman around such as Cpt. Bruce Schuler from Port Mansfield, TX.

Just come on up and find out for yourself!!

Tight Lines


Ain’t it GREAT! (Part 2)

Ain’t it great to live in this beautiful part of Texas!! I just want show a few reasons why our fore fathers settled this part of the country!! An abundance of food (wild game) and water (for fishing).

And now we think it is the prettiest part of the country ….Just look how many people are moving here.  And if ya need a boat be sure to come out to the BOAT, SPORT, and OUTDOOR  SHOW!

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